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10 10, 2022

Transition Roadmaps to 100% Renewable Energy for 145 Countries

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Another comprehensive overview report about the potential of renewable energy systems around the world was updated and published in June 2022. As stated in the report’s conclusion, “The world needs a rapid transition to clean, renewable energy to address air pollution, climate, and energy security issues. Here, roadmaps to transition 145 countries to 100% clean, renewable WWS (wind, water, solar) energy and storage across all energy sectors are developed. The full transition should occur no later than 2050, but ideally by 2035….”.

The full report can be viewed here:

Click to access 22-145Countries.pdf

The roadmap for Canada can be viewed here:

Click to access 21-WWS-Canada.pdf

Roadmaps for all countries and regions can be viewed here:

Previously published 2050 Vision infographic for Canada, based on findings from the same Stanford Roadmaps project:

10 10, 2022

Research Review Shows that 100% Renewable Energy Systems Worldwide is Feasible

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According to a major review of research on 100% renewable energy systems published in July 2022, “The main conclusion of the vast majority of 100% renewable energy systems studies is that such systems can power all energy in all regions of the world at low cost. As such, we do not need to rely on fossil fuels in the future. In the early 2020s, the consensus has increasingly become that solar PV and wind power will dominate the future energy system and new research increasingly shows that 100% renewable energy systems are not only feasible but also cost effective”.

This research review can be downloaded at:

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